The Way of the Warrior: Rainbow Warriors by Daniel Sioux Ranville

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Paperback book, 288 pages. There is a terror that roams about seeking to devour the children of the earth. It desires to consume and to enslave possessing in whole or in part ingesting, incorporating agents of the great beast to its insidious will. The children see it approaching in the spirit world, in their dreams, a terrifying horror. They run but the dark magic slows every move so they cannot escape and they awaken horrified. This phenomenon is a universal experience all young people share and how is it that a dream can be shared by everyone? These and other questions prompt a group of young people to visit the Elders of Turtle Island. Ceremony and healing occurs through talk medicine and answers to many riddles are discovered. It is a spiritual journey and prophecies are fulfilled. The Rainbow Warriors will bring balance, peace and harmony to the universe. The Way of the Warrior returns and the children of the earth discover they possess many great skills and a power to diffuse the great beast in every aspect of their lives. 

ISBN: 9780993604102
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