School of Tarot

The Tarot Cards can have been around for 6000 years, but the proofs of its existence is not older than 600 years and the Modern Tarot was created in the late 1800s, by the Hermetic order Golden Dawn. In 1809 Arthur Edward Waite and Pamela Colman Smith created what was going to be the most famous Tarot deck of all. The Rider-Waite tarot or RWS for those who want to give a female a letter in fame, with the letter "S" for "Smith". Today when you are to search for this deck there are different prints of this deck, The original Rider-Waite, Universal Waite and Universal Tarot or Universal Premium Tarot among many others!

Tarot is a wonderful tool for personal growth

One big reason to why we want to try to find out our future is because we are feeling emotional pain and we want to have reassurance when the pain is going to go away. When our lost lover is coming back, or when we are finally going to get that new job. Tarot is a wonderful tool for this, but the pain that you feel has a deeper meaning and when you start to deal with your pain, you might finally become truly free! Because wherever you go – there you are! And when you are friends with your inside, you become amazingly strong. Because you kind of stop minding whatever happens. Why should you? When you feel alright with whatever happens? That makes you being able to still dream about what you want, but have the patience to wait for it to come with Divine timing!

A Guide to all the 78 cards - with Modern Spellcasters Tarot, by Melanie Marquis - Illustrated by Scott Murphy

It was starting as a review of my New Deck. But it became a quick description to the meaning of all the 78 cards in the tarot deck.
Sometimes things just fall into place naturally. About 40 second on every card!

0 - The Fool

The Fool is the Paradis State of Human Kind, before the fall. Before our evolution into a human mind. We were still connected to earth’s grid and all of nature, and we could talk to the animals. The Fool represent innocence and New beginnings. Being naive and potentially reckless because we don't know any better. We don't have the experience just yet, but we have the courage to throw ourselves out in adventure, trusting the universe!

1 - The Magician

The Magician is the human evolutionary state after the fall. We now woke up with a human mind. We were not instinctual beings totally connected with mother nature anymore, so we started to worry, and we started to have problems and problems what was we were able to solve with our newly awakened mind. Sometimes in the manner that we created more problems, that we then needed to solve, creating even more problems. The Magician is the scientist, the author of a visionary story or a creative project and he is having quite a large ego. He still has all the positivism and belief that everything is possible that he shares with The Fool. And he doesn’t believe in the Universe, he believes in Himself!

2 - The High Priestess

The High Priestess never lost the connection with the Divine in the Fall. She is still connected with the Divine through her own body, the feminine side. The High Priestess is intuition, feelings, hunches, guesses, the secretive subconscious that just let us know things in bits and pieces. She is meditation and Dreams. She is also very Shamanistic. She doesn't follow human rules or laws. She follows directions from the Divine and the Laws of The Universe. She doesn't have to many people skills. And she is in full self-respect and trust her Judgment skills. She is connected to the card 11 (1+1=2) Justice and the card 20 (2+0=2) Judgement Day.


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