Before Tarot, One Moment Before by Corrine Kenner, Pietro Alligo, Floreana Nativo

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Before Tarot KIT: Following the great success of the New Vision Tarot and the After Tarot, this is the third volume of the Trilogy: the Before Tarot. The traditional images of Tarot are now portrayed a few moments before they happened. Each of the Arcana opens a wholly new window into our understanding of the cards, adding a time dimension to what we see and know. The book is written by renowned American writer and Tarot expert Corrine Kenner.

ISBN: 9788865275368
Dimensions 209 x 150 x 50 mm - 666 g

Before Tarot DECK: The third in the trilogy of "New Vision Tarot" decks, this pack of 78 colour tarot cards depicts the traditional images a few moments before they happened. Illustrated by Eon and Simona Rossi.

ISBN: 9788865275290
Dimensions: 125 x 126 x 30 mm - 234 g