Eckhart Tolle - DVD, Meditation Practicing Presence in Every Moment of Your Life

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DVD, 90 minutes. Touch the Essence of Meditation in Every Moment That Arises

Is it possible for meditation to be utterly effortless? To experience the depths of being in any given moment of our lives not just while we practice? Not only is it possible, explains Eckhart Tolle, but it is the very way we come to touch the essence of meditation. With Meditation, we join this treasured teacher as he discusses the many methods of meditation and their shared purpose: accessing the richness and power of pure presence.

This illuminating program explores:

The role of meditation in everyday lifeHow to discover inner space as a portal to presenceThe traditional art of meditating on an object, including the breathJust sitting and living in alignment with what isThe true meaning of acceptance meditation's central goal
In its deepest sense, meditation is never a means to an end. It is about fully being and honoring the entire range of our experience what Eckhart calls saying yes. Whether you're just starting a practice or looking to go deeper than ever before, Meditation offers vital insights for anyone eager to taste the fruits of this revered discipline.

Note: This program is excerpted from Creating a New Earth."

ISBN: 9781604078725
DVD, 90 minutes. 
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