The New Secret Language of Dreams: The Illustrated Key to Understanding the Mysteries of the Unconscious by David Fontana

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By appreciating and understanding our dreams we can trace wonderful new paths to self-discovery and self-enrichment.

Dreams can be vivid, poetic, surreal, erotic, haunting, even disturbing - but if we look more closely at their mysterious symbols and imaginative logic, they can provide us with privileged glimpses into the secret corners of our unconscious minds.

The New Secret Language of Dreams takes a fresh approach to dreaming, with a wealth of real-life examples and illuminating guidance on how to tease out the underlying symbolism and logic of dreams. The author, renowned psychologist and dream expert David Fontana, unfolds the psychological workings of the dreamworld, building on the work of Jung, Freud and other pioneers in the field. He describes the main dream archetypes and reveals how dreams reflect everyday desires, tensions and anxieties in unexpected ways, using a rich vocabulary of symbols. Also, he trains us in techniques for remembering and recording dreams, and for working on their narrative, details and mood to arrive at interpretations that relate to our personal circumstances. 

Dimensions: 247 x 209 x 19 mm - 748 g
ISBN: 9781786782328