Treasury of Dharma A Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Course av Geshe Rabten

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Hardback book, 288 sidor.

The "Treasury of Dharma" illustrates, that the teachings of Buddha are indeed a rare and most precious treasure which, if one is able to see its value and is skillful in using it, not only fulfills one's temporary needs but accomplishes the result of lasting happiness. If ignorance, egoism, greed, hatred, pride jealousy an so on forcefully dominate one's mental continuum, endless problems and sufferings for oneself and others will result instead of peace and happiness. On the contrary, if satisfaction, contentment, altruism, patience, love, compassion, wisdom and so forth are strong and stable in one's mind, even negative conditions are transformed into supportive factors. Since the faults in the mind, no matter how great they may seem, are not in the nature of the mind itself, they can be totally eradicated, and, no matter how weak the positive qualities may seem, they can be developed infinitely. The accurate methods to achieve both are the essence of the teaching of the Enlightended One and the content of this book.

ISBN: 9783905497106
Hardback, 288 pages.
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