Viceversa / Vice-Versa / Vice Versa Tarot by Massimiliano Filadoro

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The VICEVERSA TAROT is a double sided deck. Every card has artwork on both sides, one showing the card on its front and one showing the card from the back. Like two faces of a concept or two sides of a coin, the VICE-VERSA TAROT expresses the meaning and symbols of each Arcana not as a snapshot paralysed in time, but as a three-dimensional whole, flowing from day to night, from action to understanding...from front to back.

78 full colour cards and instructions.

ISBN: 9788865274903
Dimensions: 94 x 133 x 31 mm
Weight: 236 g

Kit with book
ISBN: 9788865274897
Dimensions: 207 x 143 x 51 mm
Weight: 660 g