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On my Channel on YouTube you can find your latest reading for your astrological sign. Find out what I have to say about your sun, moon and rising for this month! I do New Readings twice each month with excellent guiding to your Past, your Now and your Future!

What is a Tarot Reading?

The World is a Mirror! And Tarot is mirroring your life. Your personality traits, your deep-rooted fears, your subconscious wishes, your feelings of Love and Hate. Tarot is a way to see yourself in the clear viewed symbols of Tarot. Surprise yourself with a look in the mirror!

What is Astrology?

The Sun, the planets and the moon effect your life! The moon is taking care of Ebb and Flood on our earth. But the moon is also causing deep subconscious feelings within you, Mercury helps you communicate, Venus makes you fall in Love, Mars search for Victory, Jupiter gives you Luck and Saturn educate you with valuable life lessons!


I have been thinking of starting a subscriber service for $10/month aimed towards people that really want to work on their personal growth and find out who they are in the depths.  I could share more videos about Personal Growth and teach you more about Tarot. E-mail me if you find this interesting!

January 2018 ~ Astrological development for all the signs!

February 2018 ~ Astrological development for all the signs!