Healing session 30 min - with a 30 min video to present my findings

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Video with healing messages 30 min
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I provide a distance healing session of 30 min. While making the healing I will record the session and tell you what I see. After the session is completed I will make a 30 min audio video for you with the recording and my findings, illustrated by 3a few pictures.

Then I will e-mail you a video link to YouTube with a video you can listen to as many times as you like! It is a personal link to the video, so no one can see it accept for you, and the people you choose to share the address with.

I am only one person, so sometimes I will be booked far ahead and sometimes I will be able to perform your healing session rather quickly. I do these sessions in the order they are payed, so I put you on a waiting list, and you will have your video within 4-8 weeks depending on the current order stock. When you have placed your order, I will be able to say what date it will be performed.

To connect with you and what you need in terms of healing I need the Astrological signs for you and if possible date, time and place of birth. Please write the date with the month in words instad of numbers to avoid missunderstandings. Write the information in the Message to Seller section at you order, or use the question form at the page: Personal Tarot Reading. If I don’t get any information with the order, I will ask you for it on the e-mail address you provide me with If you want to send a photo of you, that could be helpful to assist me further. 

If you want to be healed reagarding a certain issue, you can tell me and I will put your focus on that . In other case it will be wathever the Divine sees is necessary. I will connect with both my own guides and angels, and your guides and angels.

You pay for the time spent making the healing and reading and not the outcome.

Through PayPal you choose "SEK" when you make your payment. If you feel afraid to pay in my currency, you can pay in any of the currencies down below or e-mail me and ask for the prices in your currency.  The readings is better priced in SEK however since I avoid currency exchanges costs.
~ For a normal 30 minute session with a 30 min recorded video the price is 1425 SEK (including PayPal fee).

If you want to use another currency then SEK (Swedish Krona) You can pay your order through https://www.paypal.me/queencups, since my registrar can only handle SEK. Choose "PayPal Payment" in the checkout and follow the instructions.

Terms of Delivery
I deliver to the whole Globe if you have internet connection! You can ask questions about your reading afterwards to clarify and I answer them through e-mail. Remember that you pay for my time spent making your reading and not the outcome of the reading! And please notice any time differences between us (My Time zone is GMT+1. Summertime GMT+2)!
Pregnancy, Health & Legal mathers!
By law I have to tell you that my tarot readings are for entertainment purpose only and if you need to ask about pregnancy health or legal Mathers I advise you to consult and trained professional in their field.