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We are hear to learn and as long as we continue learning new things we also keep our selves healthy. 

Many of you have asked how I have learned to  connect with my intuition and the answer is a lifetime of personal development and spiritual growth. One of my favorite mentores though is Dr Steve G Jones that has a phenomenal way to educate others in these areas.

"Don't just buy them ~Use them!

A complete spiritual growth series by Steve that I can recommend it to take a big jump in your technical spiritual growth as using your intuition.

You will learn:
Astral Projection
Self Hypnosis
Opening the third eye
Visiting the Akashic Records
Lucid Dreaming
Astral Sex
Reading Auras


"You open your subconscious mind into a portal of infinite happiness, mental balance, and endless spiritual energy."

"The AUNLP will send you a certificate certifying you as a Certified Life Coach, which can proudly display in your office or practice. And with the tools that Steve G. Jones is going to provide you with, there's no telling how far you can take the coaching business."

Here you will learn the exact steps needed to make your services so valuable and helpful for your clients. Enable you to help others reach new levels of potential.

You will learn how to coach people to help them get ahead in their profession.
Learn how to motivate others to take action by effectively tapping into their emotions and becoming their own master.
Learn simple but effective method to instantly inspire and motivate your client to take action and strive for success.
Learn everything you've ever wanted to know about developing powerful relationships with your clients that will last a lifetime.
Learn Communication Tactics and how to help a client understand their true needs.
Learn to identify and master your own intuition, and learn how to teach it to others as well.
Preparing For The Role - learn what clients expect from a life coach and how to deliver.
Your First Consultation - Learn the exact steps to take during your first consultation so that it goes smooth and sets the pace for future coaching sessions. 
And much much more!

At the end of the course, when you’ve successfully studied all 30 video modules, you will be ready to take the exam. Upon successful completion of the exam with a score of 75% or higher, you will then submit an essay for Dr. Steve to review.

How would you like to be able to develop the capability to effectively part from your body and travel to another world where time, space, gravity and many other “laws” that exist in the 3rd dimension can no longer limit you?

If you’d shown a picture of an airplane to someone who lived during the 1800’s, they would probably spend hours looking at it wondering if it’s real and then they’d tell you it’s impossible to get it to fly; a hundred years later, airplanes are part of everyday life.

Dr. Steve G. Jones predict the same will be true of astral projection. We just simply need to become more educated on how it works and we need a sound system to make it common knowledge.

"Most people think this is only possible while dreaming. But I assure you, this is much different than having a mere dream."

Dr. Steve used his years of practical application, research and teaching experience to develop a program that is well suited for anyone who desires to practice PLR from a hypnotic perspective.

Basic Past Life Regression Certification is a 20 module program designed for new and beginning practitioners of PLR.

This step-by-step program unlocks and applies the teachings of ancient wisdom, applying them within a hypnotic lens to help you help others match their desire to heal their own past, mend traumatic experiences, confront repressed emotions, and enact positive change in all areas of life.

Do you ever find yourself completely overwhelmed with all that you have to do; that you actually just wind up doing nothing? Do you wonder how some people seem to have laser focus on achieving goals where as you seem to get distracted all of the time? Do you wish that you could find more energy within you so that you can do more with your life?
If you can relate to the above questions, then what I'm about to share with you is something that you should consider to be very important. Within you and everyone else on this planet is an infinite source of energy which can enable us to achieve great success by providing an immense form of leverage.
This leverage allows us to gain:
Enhanced Intuition
Razor Sharp Mental Clarity
Infinite Creativity

These three powers positions you to achieve heights of success that you never could have even dreamed possible. This source of energy is known as the Kundalini and to say that it would instill immense power within you would be a massive understatement.

"Within you and everyone else on this planet is an infinite source of energy which can enable us to achieve great success by providing an immense form of leverage."

The Akashic records are an infinite source of knowledge in the spiritual, mental and physical form. Within them are the records of existence for every animal, person and living thing as well as every word spoken, thought created and action taken.

While it is a great privilege to access these records, the good news is that anyone can do it…such a realm of consciousness has been compared to accessing the mind of God or Infinite Intelligence. When operating at such level of consciousness, you are using only your intuition to access information.

This intuitive medium will enable you to shatter the bonds between the imaginal cells within your DNA that are linked to destructive behaviors that you may have acquired from a past life or ancestor.

This is a way for any professional to get a real hands on tool to really be able to help you clients on the depths

You can also use it to imporve your own life and clean you own soul contracts and karmas.

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