~ A 25 minute/ 1 situation/ 2 question or general pre-recorded RUSH READING with 48 hours return time.

25 minute RUSH READING, One situation/2 questions - Pre-Recorded Video Reading - Reading In English or Swedish

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1800 kr
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~ 4 times 40 minute/ 1-2 situations/ 4 question or general pre-recorded video reading, delivered over 4 months, 8 months, or one year.

Four readings package 4 * 40 minute Tarot Reading, 2 situations/4 question - Pre-Recorded Video Readings - 4 Session reading in English or Swedish

6500 kr
Inc. 25% Tax
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HOW TO - guide on how to get a personal Tarot Reading!

I provide pre-recorded personal video readings of 25 min (10 cards) and 40 min (20 cards). The 40 min readings are only sold in 4 readings at the time for my reaccuring clients. One situation needs about 20-25 min reading time. So you can ask about a new situation for every 20-25 min of your reading. You can ask one question about that situation, for every 10 minutes of your reading and I will answer in depths. You can also ask more questions then that (one for every card), but then you will loose the timeline and depth. You can also ask for a general reading without questions.

When I made the reading, I will e-mail you a video link to YouTube with a video you can watch as many times as you like! It is a personal link to the video, so no one can see it accept for you, and the people you choose to share the address with.

I am only one person, so I can be booked far ahead (4-8 weeks). I do the readings in the order they are payed, so I will schedule you into my calendar and you will have your reading when that date shows up. You can se down below the estimated date for your reading if you book now.

I also do 25 min RUSH READINGS that i provide within 48 hours at my free time, after hours.



When you order thorugh my store checkout you always pay in SEK (Swedish Krona). Regardless if you are ordering directly through PayPal or through my store in SEK the price includes 25 % Swedish Tax/Vat. But if you want a recepie with specified tax you need to order through my store checkout.


Through PayPal you choose "SEK" when you make your payment and add 125 SEK in PayPal fee. If you feel afraid to pay in my currency (SEK), you can e-mail me and ask for the prices in your currency.
There is always a 125 SEK PayPal fee on transactions. You can choose bank transactions in checkout where you only pay a fee if your bank requests it.

What do I need from you?

I need a question and/or information about the situation you are wondering about to make the reading. And Astrological signs and/or birthdays for all people involved in that situation including you. You can send in the information in the form above or directly at your order.

For the VIP-SESSIONS I need your Astrological signs, together with your date and possible time and place of birth - write your birthmonth with letters to avoid missunderstandings. If you want to send a picture of you to my e-mail after I have confirmed your booking, that will help a great deal. If you have a specific life pattern you want me to help you with you can specify that information to aim my focus to where you want it to be.  

The information you give me surrounding the question makes it easier for me to pinpoint the answer that the divine is giving, and that you need. 

The readings and sessions I do is always accurate, but the outcome is depending on your own actions and reactions, and that the information you have been providing to me is correct. You pay for the time spent making the reading or session and not the outcome.

Advice is the game of tarot. It gives advice, never commands. It is up to you how you process the information. And the Divine through tarot helps you to deal with your situation in the best way possible.

Terms of Delivery

I deliver to the whole Globe if you can make a PayPal payment and have internet connection!

You can ask questions about your reading afterwards to clarify and I answer them through e-mail. Remember that you pay for my time spent making your reading and not the outcome of the reading! And please notice any time differences between us (My Time zone is GMT+1)!

Pregnancy, Health & Legal mathers!

By law I have to tell you that my tarot readings are for entertainment purpose only and if you need to ask about pregnancy health or legal Mathers I advise you to consult and trained professional in their field.

Tax & VAT

If you need a receipt from me for your own bookkeeping, or for other reasons, you need to book your reading through my checkout in my store. But I always pay the tax and VAT non the less. In Sweden we pay a lot of tax, but we also have free schools, an almost free healthcare system and well-built out social services and good infrastructure. So, when you buy a reading from me, I always pay 25% in VAT (moms). To take out the amount for myself I need to pay even more tax, in the end it is about 62,5% in total.