How to reach Perfect Health

Health is a foundation to happiness

When we have a healthy body and soul and are full of strength there is no limit to what we can achieve and accomplish. But to have health also means being pain-free. With a pain-free life you can enjoy being in your own body here and now and be happy.

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Emotional health.

Feng shui the inside of your body and make it a joy to live in

When there is emotional pain in your body, we often react with trying to escape it and we might escape into our mobile phone, Netflix, or a outgoing lifestyle with sex, drugs and rock n' roll. Neither of this will render your happiness. It is actually a road to self-destruction where you are escaping the only thing that can save you - facing your feelings, through Mindfulness & Meditation.

Bodily health

Make your body relaxed and soft, jet strong and resilient.

When your body is at ease there are no dis-ease. To reach a body that are in ease you need to relax and accept whatever IS. Acceptance is the key to relaxation. And when your body can relax you can reach perfect health.
Ways to relax is to work with your emotional health and different techniques to reach acceptance. You can also work directly with your bodily health through Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation.

Physical Health

Help your body to find equilibrium

When your body is in perfect balance there can be no disease. But to help your body reach perfect balance you need to give it what it needs in form of healthy food with enough vitamins, proteins and everything else your body will need to reach perfect health.

Financial Health

To be happy we also need abundance in our life

Life is abundance. Everything in the natural eco system which our financial system is built on is in perfect harmony with everything else in the world. It is only humans that has a dissonance. That is because humans are not in Perfect Health. Humans don't know how to follow their own instincts and intuition to end up where they are supposed to be. When you able to get to know yourself enough to find your life purpose. You will easily build a healthy financial system for yourself and fulfil your base human needs of food, water, roof over your head and clothes to wear. When we have our base human needs met, we can prosper and help the world to prosper with us, stay abundant and full of life since humans have found their rightful place in the eco system.

Educational Whealth

Never stop learning

We are hear to learn and as long as we continue learning new things we also keep our selves healthy.