VIP Package - Whole day sessions just for you

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Past Life 60 min, Healing 60 min + Tarot Reading - 120 min presentation
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Here you can choose among VIP packages where I spend my whole day to figure out your issue and what you need to do about it. I will go deep into meditation for 60 min and find out the past life that are effecting you here and now and the karma that needs to be solved. I will show my finidings in an 60 min audio video where you will hear the recording from the Past Life Session. I will aslo heal you for one hour to the level which heaven allows. Then I will perform a 60 min presentation video for you with a section where I am going through my findings when healing you and present it for you, and a tarot reading to help you with what will be your next step on your journey and where to go from here. You will also have acces to my Mediumship Training Membership to get upp to speed with your personal and spritual growth!
There are different level sessions to choose from. Check them out down below!

There will be different levels with the packages and these are the levels:

VIP Package - Two Whole day sessions just for you!
A 60 min picture video takes about 6-8 hours to make AFTER the session is finished and recorded, and it takes about 1-2 hours to upload.

Past Life Session 60 min and a Healing Session 60 min presented in a 120 min Video with a Tarot Reading to help you on your next step and where to go from here. Totally you will receive three videos. One 60 min video will be an audio video of my findings from your past life, illustrated with 60-120 pictures. Then a 20 min video where I will present my findings from my healing session with you, illustrated with 20-40 pictures. And last there is a 40 min tarotreading on with advice on how to deal with what have surfaced. This package comes with 5 months Mediumship Training Membership.
5400 SEK, 699 USD, 880 CAD, 926 AUD, 515 GBP, 566 EURO

When I have completed the full day session (or several day session) and making of your video, I will e-mail you a video link with the result of my findings. The link will take you to a YouTube video you can watch as many times as you like! It is a personal link to the video, so no one can see it accept for you, and the people you choose to share the address with.

I am only one person, so sometimes I will be booked far ahead and sometimes I will be able to perform your session rather quickly. I do the sessions in the order they are payed, so I put you on a waiting list, and you will have your session within 4-8 weeks depending on the current order stock. When you have placed your order, I will be able to say what date it will be performed.

I need your Astrological signs, together with your date and possible time and place of birth - write your birthmonth with letters to avoid missunderstandings. Write the information in the Message to Seller section at you order, or use the question form at the page: Personal Tarot Reading. If I don’t get any information with the order, I will ask you for it on the e-mail address you provide me with.

If you want to send a picture of you to my e-mail after I have confirmed your booking, that will help a great deal. If you have a specific life pattern you want me to help you with you can specify that information to aim my focus to where you want it to be. The information you give me surrounding the question makes it easier for me to pinpoint the answer you need. 

The findings I get is always accurate, but the outcome is depending on your own actions and reactions, and that the information you have been providing to me is correct. You pay for the time spent making the session and not the outcome.

I give advice, never commands. It is up to you how you process the information I give you. And want to help you to deal with your situation in the best way possible.

Through PayPal you choose "SEK" when you make your payment. If you feel afraid to pay in my currency, you can e-mail me and ask for the prices in your currency.  The readings is better priced in SEK however since I avoid currency exchanges costs.
5400 SEK with bank transation (through checkout). 5525 SEK with PayPal transaction.

If you want to use another currency then SEK (Swedish Krona) You can pay your order through, since my registrar can only handle SEK. Choose "PayPal Payment" in the checkout and follow the instructions.

Terms of Delivery
I deliver the resulting video to the whole Globe if you have internet connection! I will do my session on a distance from you. The session can be rather powerful and if possible it is best that you are at home asleep when I do the  the healing session. We can connect through e-mail and see if you can rest or if we can time it in so that it is night time and you are asleep. When you come back from the healings session be sure to write down any dreams or experience you might have had when you come back to awarness. You can let me know your experiences and you can ask questions about your session afterwards to clarify and I answer them through e-mail.

You pay for my time spent making your session and your video as promised, but not the outcome of the session.

Please notice any time differences between us (My Time zone is GMT+1. Summertime GMT+2)!
Pregnancy, Health & Legal mathers!
By law I have to tell you that my tarot readings are for entertainment purpose only and if you need to ask about pregnancy health or legal Mathers I advise you to consult and trained professional in their field.

Welcome with your order NOW and get your VIP day/days!

Distance healing?
More information, how does the healing work?

I let your guides and angels show me where you are in need to be healed. Usually I am guided to start going through the chakras and heal them. That takes about 30 min, the chakras are important to stay healthy and harmonic, it is the baseline of healing. If you have booked more time I am often guided to deal with a trauma or a wound that are next in turn to get healed. We are not allowed to heal everything, because some wounds, karmas and traumas are there for your growth, and when you heal them yourself you also learn a lot of valuable things. So that is why I use your angels and guides as a support to guide me so I heal you in Divine timing. What I need from you is a photo of you and your astrological signs, if you can share your birthday, time and place that is even better. But that information is for my human self, our angels already know about our meeting. And distance healing works because we are not seperated as we think. And you are here with me and I am there with you as real as if we would meet in our bodies. The closest humans can describe this fact is through quantum physics.